Basic Types Of Keys And Why Should We Need Car Locksmith Seattle

Have you ever tapped your keys in a car door? You probably need to know about a reliable and experienced 24 Hour Locksmith Seattle who can get a broken key out of your locks.

Here is the list of some Basic types of keys:


Mechanical cut key

The first mechanically cut car features unique cuts and ridges that correspond to ignition. The key features are cut on one side and can only be ignition inserted in one way. If the flipping key will not fit. Mechanically cut keys can be easily copied.


Laser-cut key

As the name itself suggests, a laser-cut key is made using a laser that provides a precise cut. Laser-cut keys are also referred to internally as cut keys or sidewall keys due to the process in which they are cut. Key features of this type form groove on both sides of the key, making it difficult to copy and therefore more secure than mechanically cut keys. Laser-cut keys fit into the ignition on either side, so whichever side is facing will still fit.


Transponder key

The transponder key consists of a microchip or transponder, which is attached to the handle. The vehicle will not start until the key is provided with the proper chip in the ignition. For example, if the chip is installed without combustion, the car will not start even if the key is fitted. This security feature ensures that the key is copied so that the new key will not work. Only car dealers and 24 Hour Locksmith Seattle can make working copies of transponder keys.


Smart key

Smart car keys act as a remote control. From a distance, the doors can be opened and closed, and the vehicle can also be turned. Smart keys have some limitations, but in most instances, the key will work when you are in your home, and your car is parked in front of your residence. Many smart keys have sensors that make it impossible to attach door locks when the vehicle is smartly keyed when the car stops. Loving offenders can compromise smart keys, so know which signs to look for and take the proper precautions to keep your vehicle safe.



Keys with embedded vehicle anti-theft systems are known as VAT keys. The key consists of a resistor chip that serves as an additional layer of protection. VAT car keys are more secure than transponder keys. The premise is the same, but it is more challenging to copy VAT car keys, so if someone has tried to copy your VAT keys, they are unlikely to succeed.


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