Our Services


Automobile door lock opening

Efficient and Reliable Automobile Door Lock Opening Services by Seattle’s Expert Locksmiths. Quick solutions for locked out vehicles.

Emergency lockouts & re-keying

Key Fob Locksmith: Swift Solutions for Emergency Lockouts and Re-keying. Trustworthy services to regain access and ensure your property’s security.

Automobile alarm installation

Professional Automobile Alarm Installation Services: Safeguard your vehicle with state-of-the-art alarm systems installed by our skilled experts. Enhanced protection for peace of mind.


Opening locked house door

Swift and Reliable House Door Unlocking Services: Gain access to your locked home promptly and efficiently with our trusted locksmith solutions.

House security device installation

Ensure Home Security with Expert Device Installation: Protect your house with our professional installation of advanced security devices for comprehensive peace of mind.

Emergency lockouts & re-keying

Prompt Emergency Lockout Solutions: Regain access to your property swiftly with our reliable emergency lockout and re-keying services. Trustworthy assistance when you need it most.


Lock Rekeying and Master Keying

Efficient Lock Rekeying and Master Keying Services: Enhance security and convenience by rekeying locks and creating a master key system. Expert solutions for seamless access control.

Access control device installation

Seamless Access Control Device Installation: Safeguard your premises with our professional installation of advanced access control devices for enhanced security and convenience.

Security device installation

Comprehensive Security Device Installation: Protect your property with our expert installation of state-of-the-art security devices for optimal safety and peace of mind.

Key duplication

Key Duplication Services

We offer reliable and accurate key duplication services, ensuring you have spare keys whenever you need them.

High-Security Key Duplication

Our high-security key duplication services provide advanced precision and technology to ensure the utmost security for your valuable assets.

Transponder Key Duplication

Our transponder key duplication services provide seamless replication of your vehicle’s advanced transponder keys for convenient and reliable access.


Emergency Lockout

Swift and reliable assistance for home, office, or vehicle lockouts, ensuring you regain access promptly and securely in critical situations.

Trunk Lockout

Expert locksmith services to unlock your vehicle’s trunk, enabling access to your belongings efficiently and without damage.

Emergency Lock Rekeying

Quick and efficient rekeying of locks during emergencies, offering enhanced security and preventing unauthorized access to your property.

security system

Door Buzzer Entry Systems

Enhance access control with our advanced door buzzer entry systems, providing secure and convenient entry for authorized individuals.

Commercial steel doors

Durable and robust steel doors tailored for commercial settings, offering reliable protection and enhanced security for your business premises.


Safeguard your valuables and important documents with our commercial safes, designed to provide maximum security and peace of mind for your business.